Reine Boujaoude
Reine Boujaoude
Arabic (Lebanon)  native

Dear Sir/Madam, Let me introduce myself: My name is Reine B. I am a Lebanese translator. Since 2015, I have worked as such for numerous worldwide agencies. I have a degree in Translation & Interpretation from the "Arab Open University" with a...

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Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar


USA, United Kingdom

Accounting, Agriculture, Annual reports, Architecture, Arts and culture, Automotive business, Aviation and space, Banking and investment, Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Blockchain and cryptocurrency, Business, Cartography, Chemistry, Computing Science, Construction, Contracts and reports, Corporate, Correspondence, Cosmetics, Document, ERP, Ecology and environment, Economics, eLearning, Electrical engineering, Electronics, Energy, Fashion, Fiction, Finance, Food and drinks, Gaming, General, Geography, Geology, HR, History, IT and computing science, Industrial automation, Industry, Insurance, Legal, Life Sciences, Linguistics, Luxury goods, Manuals, Marketing, advertising, PR, Mathematics, Engineering, Medical equipment, Metallurgy, Medical, Military, Mining, Nuclear, Oil and gas, Optics, Patent, Pharmaceutics, Philosophy, Physics, Government, Printed materials, eCommerce, Psychology, Real estate, Entertainment, Religion, Science, Social science, Sociology, Software, Sports, Telecommunication, Technical, Textile, Thermal power engineering, Tourism and travel, Veterinary medicine, Transport and logistics, Website
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Freelancer,  Freelance Translator,  2015 - Present