Marcio Vieira
Marcio Vieira
Portuguese (Brazil)  native
Rio de Janeiro

I operate as a professional translator, meticulous proofreader, and proficient educator for over 15 years, and I have translated a variety of documents, including but not limited to technical manuals, policies and procedures...

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USA, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland

Agriculture, Architecture, Arts and culture, Luxury goods, Industrial automation, Aviation and space, Cartography, Computing Science, Science, Accounting, Food and drinks, Life Sciences, Construction, Correspondence, Cosmetics, Economics, Ecology and environment, Electronics, eLearning, Energy, Engineering, Electrical engineering, Thermal power engineering, Sports, Pharmaceutics, Fiction, Physics, Geography, Geology, General, Marketing, advertising, PR, Mathematics, Medical, Veterinary medicine, Metallurgy, Military, Mining, Fashion, Business, Nuclear, Patent, Oil and gas, Government, eCommerce, Psychology, Entertainment, HR, Annual reports, Religion, Corporate, Insurance, Automotive business, Banking and investment, Real estate, Website, Sociology, Software, IT and computing science, Telecommunication, Printed materials, Transport and logistics, Tourism and travel, Technical, Textile, Optics, Social science, Contracts and reports, Medical equipment, Philosophy, Finance, History, Gaming, Legal, Linguistics, Manuals
2.5k words per day
$0.03 per word

CaranaWeb,  Project Manager / Translator,  2008 - 2022

INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE - FREELANCER,  Gulf Food translator - English x Portuguese inside and outside the event, visiting several companies,  2010 - 2012

LANGUAGE SCHOOL FEEDBACK,  Teacher, translator of technical manuals, and interpreter.,  2001 - 2008